Claude Cruells
Gouffre de l'Œil Doux
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Top 10 extraordinary views

The Côte du Midi is blessed with countless spellbinding landscapes and views! We have selected ten of them to enjoy with your partner, tribe or alone.
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For your safety

Certain massifs may be off limits during the mid-June to mid-September period, so by all means consult this link first or this one!

As part of the fight against wildfire, the Fontfroide and La Clape massifs are closed to the public until 31/08/2023!

The massif on the island of Sainte Lucie will be closed to the public as soon as the daily Météo France risk is very severe for weather zone n°9, until 15/09/2023!

Gilles Aycelin Dungeon


This 42-metre-high keep, attached to the Palace-Museum of the Archbishops, protected the city in medieval times. When the weather is fine, it affords an exceptional 360-degree panoramic view of the city, the lagoons, the Corbières, and even the Pyrenees. But you’ll have to earn it by climbing 162 magnificent narrow spiralling stairs. When you reach the top, you’ll be just a few steps from the upper terrace and its watchtowers with the best view of the Cathédrale Saint Just et Saint Pasteur and Narbonne below your feet!

Wink: You’ll also get a good view of the Cathedral from the A9 highway! At Christmas, it is decorated with a big red bow!  ;-)



There is a charge for visiting this attraction: €6 in the Palace-Cathedral ticket and €10 in the Monumental Pass.

The Leucate Cliff

Between Port-Leucate and La Franqui

This majestic cliff stands at the edge of the limestone plateau of Leucate, a Natura 2000 site and accessible by several signposted hiking trails.
The towering cliff of Leucate offers sweeping views on the whole coast, giving a 360° view of the Mediterranean Sea, the Corbières and the Pyrenees, and even Mont Saint Clair of Sète! But that's not all: the flora on the plateau shelters numerous species of birds which makes it a magnet for birdwatching enthusiasts!

"Gouffre de l’Œil-doux"


A unique open-air site in the heart of the Clape massif, the Œil-Doux is a natural curiosity. It is made up of high limestone and green walls (40 m) which reflect in an area of emerald green water. It looks magical and mysterious, and is the subject of many legends!

You can walk there with the family in between one and two and a half hours:

  • Approach it from above: from the car park on the road to Fleury d'Aude, a hiking trail leads to a cliff that overlooks the chasm and offers a spectacular view of the coastline!
  • Approach from below: follow the pedestrian path towards the sheep pen from the l’Oustalet car park

Although the hypnotising emerald colour of the water is beguiling, no swimming or sports activities are allowed!

Wink: Have you heard of the mysterious cenotes in Mexico? Well, the "gouffre de l'Œil Doux" is one of these!

Claude Cruells
Gouffre de l'Œil Doux

The Belvedere Orientation Table

Ville de Narbonne
Belvédère Massif de la Clape

 This is a holiday destination par excellence! On the excellent D168 road which crosses the Massif de la Clape to arrive at Narbonne-Plage, about halfway between the two, drivers will find an interesting orientation table located on a promontory!

This postcard-worthy view appears after a few twists and turns, in the heart of the garrigue: a cliff overlooking the sea with Narbonne-Plage at the foot of one side and the Pyrenees on the other!
An orientation table on the promontory contains information about the local fauna and flora as well as the sites visible in the surroundings.

The orientation table on the route de la Couleuvre


The orientation table at the end of the route de la Couleuvre is a must for everyone wanting to admire Narbonne in all its splendour. This spot offers an extraordinary view over the city, but also on the Narbonnais and its vineyards, lagoons and the Pyrenees in the distance.

The site is in La Clape, just 15 minutes by car from the city centre and offers pleasant walks in the massif, through vineyards and scrubland!

Ruben Stheeman
Point de vue route de la Couleuvre

The cross of Fontfroide Abbey

Rogier Fackeldey

At an altitude of 219 metres, the Cross of Fontfroide overlooks the famous abbey Sainte-Marie de Fontfroide! It stands atop a hill in the heart of the Massif de Fontfroide which extends over 300 hectares. It takes around 25 minutes to climb up the path through the garrigue (scrubland) and its local flora such as bushes, rosemary...

Wink: The iron cross replaced a wooden one erected by the Cistercian monks which was destroyed by bad weather. This iron cross was restored with participatory funding in 2016!

The massif of l’île Sainte-Lucie

Port-La Nouvelle

Occupied since ancient times, these days l’île Sainte-Lucie is a protected natural site whose fauna and flora are protected by the Conservatoire du Litorral. The island has a pleasant hiking trail through the pines and scrublands, leading to several exceptional viewpoints over the lagoons, watched over by the La Clape and Corbières massifs.

Sainte-Lucie island is accessible by bike from Narbonne, following the canal of Robine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Warm up your calf muscles!

Sainte lucie

La Clape Lookout Point

Virginie Sire
la Vigie de la Clape

Its lofty position in the Massif de la Clape makes it an extraordinary viewpoint over the whole coastal strip of the Côte du Midi (on fine days we can see the Cabanes de Fleury in Port-La Nouvelle). But it is also a strategic continuous lookout point for surveillance over the massif in summer, making it possible to raise the alarm quickly in case of fire.
There are several hiking trails that lead here: from the estates of Pech Redon, l'Hospitalet in Narbonne and from the chapel of Notre Dame des Auzils in Gruissan.
A breathtaking view over the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees (in spring you can even see the Canigou covered in snow!).

The tower of the Château de Ventenac


The Château de Ventenac is in a pleasant location beside the Canal du Midi. A true architectural gem known as "folie vigneronne” dating from the beginning of the last century, this castle now houses the village's cooperative wine cellar.

You can taste OC Minervois wines in the castle. While you are there you can also visitmuseum dedicated to the world of wine on the second floor which has an extraordinary view  from the tower over the Minervois vineyards and the canal!

So if you have ever dreamt of gazing out over the horizon like a princess... your dream will come true at the Château de Ventenac!

Véronique Herman
Château de Ventenac

Practical information

There is a charge to visit the museum and the tower: €3 for unaccompanied visits and €5 for the guided tour (booking required), children are free.

The tasting session in the wine cellar is free.

The Caunes Loop

Etienne Belondrade
Boucle de Caunes à Bages

The route takes you from the picturesque fishing port of Bages to the top of the village towards the cliff! Follow the signs for the monadières washhouse along a path lined with low dry-stone walls that leads to Pech Crouchet, a 150-metre-high altitude with a 180° panoramic view over the garrigue and the village of Bages with the famous lagoon in the background!

Come down along the Côte d’Estarac road for a wonderful view of the coast before returning to the port of Bages! An absolute marvel!

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